Stay strong. Stay healthy. Stay kind.

Dear parents and teachers,
Our community members, our families and children are staying at home. Please do your very best to encourage your extended family and friends to do the same.
Self-isolate. This will not only give you and those you live with the greatest shot at staying healthy — it will also protect your neighbour and fellow citizens. We are in this together. And each of us must do our part.

With great respect, we encourage:
—that you remember it’s ok to not feel ok. We are humans and fear and anxiety in messy times are absolutely normal. Honour the emotions and they will pass through you.
—that you practice “deliberate kindness”. Help an elderly neighbour by picking up something they might need from the store. Leave some food and supplies for other people on the shelves versus hoard.
—that you show your team mates advanced responsibility, creativity and a collaborative spirit by being innovative, caring, grateful, understanding and serving others in the community.
—that you actively collaborate with your colleagues, partners, customers, teachers and contractors. The job of a wartime soldier is to protect the hope and love of the community and serve the needs of its most vulnerable members.
—that you use the news as a tool, not a drug. Find out the latest facts on this very fluid situation and act as necessary. Then concentrate and put maximum efforts into something meaningful so you produce masterful work that inspires the world.
—that you not think it’s life as usual and nothing has really changed—because you’re scared and are in denial, but stand strong and prepared to thrive through this.
—that you get more rest, take more sunshine, drink more water, walk in nature, and stay in touch with friends, colleagues and families via video chat.

…our world needed a wake up call.
—there was too much greed, selfishness and busyness. Life is forcing us to slow down, reconnect with our best selves and ponder a better future.
—there was too much rampant addiction to technology at the sake of decency and humanity.
—there was too much disrespect for mother Earth and the glorious bounty she brings us.
—there was too much “human doing” instead of human being.

This dramatic, messy and stormy period will—eventually—pass. And the insecurity will transform into our collective creativity while the volatility will become a most sensational serenity.

Stay strong. Stay healthy. Stay kind.

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