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“This is the hope we have – a hope in a new humanity that will come from this new education, an education that is a collaboration of man and the universe that is a help for evolution.”

The Montessori education is an internationally recognised system, explained in detail in the literature and widely distributed. Worldwide, we have over a hundred years of practical experience and educational method development. Association “Montessori Society Bulgaria” promotes social change and every day we see that when Montessori principles are applied in a wider context of society, the possibilities are endless.

Association “Montessori Society Bulgaria” supports Bulgarian public kindergartens and schools for the introduction of Montessori approaches in accordance with the standards of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). This is an evolution in the transition from traditional methods of education to developmental education, and a fundamental reform in the education system. The challenges are aimed at change in three key aspects:

  • Transformation of the pedagogue.
  • Transformation of the learning environment.
  • Transformation of culture in the educational organis

Research shows that:

  • The Montessori methodology has a positive effect on all participants in the educational process – children, teachers and parents.
  • As an alternative model for preschool and school education, it completely transforms the educational environment.
  • Parents are more motivated and pedagogically informed collaborative
  • Teachers are pedagogically more observant and creative, working with the child’s individual pace of development.
  • Children are eager to know, try and experiment, happy to be on their own.

The support from the state represents an insignificant part of the funds for the qualification of the pedagogical specialists to apply Montessori method and the transformation of the learning environment. Association “Montessori Society Bulgaria” makes great efforts to attract sponsors in order to provide funds for more specialists to be trained and more classrooms to change the learning environment according to how children learn best. We rely on the generosity of socially active citizens and organisations who believe that education will help change society. We are counting on you to realise together the transformation of Bulgarian education. Support teachers, kindergartens and schools in the public sector.