Every educational organisation – a kindergarten, a primary and elementary school, a children’s center or a daycare setting – may subscribe to the resources and services offered by Montessori Society Bulgaria as an affiliated society to the AMI, founded in 1929 by Maria Montessori as the Guardian of the Montessori history of movement and a guarantee of the quality of Montessori education.

Let your team of professionals and parent community become part of the national and global Montessori movement which empower teachers and communities with Montessori education, helping children develop their potential to become truly capable individuals by focusing on their moral, behavioural, emotional and intellectual development.

Resources and services through the subscription are provided directly to your organisation and are available to all your teachers and parents.

Teachers, parents and educational experts meet regularly at the national meetings and conferences in Bulgaria, participate in seminars for professional mastery, mentoring programs and exchange experiences. The subscribed organisations receive free AMI publications, 15% discount on registration fees for events organised by the Montessori Society Bulgaria, 10% discount on Montessori materials from Nienhuis Montessori, and 5% discount on Montessori books from an extensive online library.

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