Support in time of social distance

Dear colleagues,

In view of the emergency situation related to the dissemination of COVID 19 affecting our communities, we from the Montessori Society Bulgaria would like to share information and resources to ensure that everyone receives the necessary support in this challenging time. We have tried our best to share material for children, students, parents, teachers and leaders in the distance learning situation. We are committed to continuing to collect and update information that we believe would be useful in the unique circumstances we all find ourselves in.


  • Learning from home. Montessori Society Bulgaria Handbook for Teachers and Parents.
  • List of opportunities for free internet and computer access.
  • Available learning resources to support children and their families.
  • Free webinars for teachers, administrators and leaders on how to support families and children during the social distance.
  • Teacher’s guidance on how to keep the connection with parents from a distance.

We remain ready to serve and give.

Together we can.


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