Montessori Society

Driven by our belief that the child and education are the hope for a better humanity, we work in support of parents, teachers and educational organisations for encouraging a better childhood experience at the family, kindergarten, school, and society in Bulgaria.

This is how the association Montessori Society Bulgaria – a national organisation for uniting the faith, knowledge and expertise, which helps parents, teachers and organisations to expand their knowledge of the universal and timeless stages of human development and to master scientifically proven methodology and approach to meet this need. Initially, in 2015 established under the name Institute Montessori Bulgaria, in 2019 the name of the organisation evolved into Montessori Society Bulgaria, giving the name Institute Montessori Bulgaria to a separate organisation that took on the important role for organising international training in Bulgaria.

We use our knowledge of the child and natural development, expertise in applying Montessori principles, scientific knowledge and international experience so that with our work we support parents, teachers, families and organisations to raise and educate children who are social, morally and emotionally prepared for real life.

As we sow the curiosity for learning with children and they follow their interests and personal passion by developing their talents and turning them into enviable academic knowledge, so we think that if we sow as many seeds of ideas as possible for supporting a better childhood in the society, we all would foster them the child to reach his true potential, we will support more children to become transforming elements for a more harmonious world.

Montessori Society Bulgaria shares the mission of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori as custodian of the history of the Montessori movement and steward of the Montessori educational approach, building upon her work to apply it in every setting and to each child without compromising the integrity of the approach. As an affiliated society from 2017, we interact and work closely with AMI, educational experts, schools and organisations around the world to support social change for children in Bulgaria. This gives us the strength, capacity and accountability to support more kindergartens and schools in Bulgaria through mentoring, tools and guidance to make inner change for helping the children develop their true potential and become drivers of change in our society.

We believe and every day in our work we observe that when Montessori principles are applied in the wider context of society, the possibilities are endless.
We support the Bulgarian public kindergartens and schools for implementing Montessori principles in accordance with AMI standards, we organise seminars and practical education for parents and teachers as well as refresher courses for teachers in Montessori pedagogy, psychology, personal and professional mastery.