AMI Classroom Assistants Certificate Course 0-3


23-27 September, 21-25 October 2019


600€ or 1174 BGN

Goal of the course

This Course is for anyone interested of working with children age under three, in a Montessori Home, Nido or Infant Community. For caregivers, parents and classroom assistants. You will have the opportunity to learn and understand:

  • the importance of observation in working with a child
  • when and how to interfere in the child’s work
  • Maria Montessori’s concepts of freedom and discipline
  • how to gain the child’s trust
  • the power of the child’s absorbent mind at this age
  • the importance of routine and consistency in language and activities at this age
  • how to build the environment in order to meet the child’s needs
  • importance of food and ways to prepare it and also to acquire
  • the ability to allow the child to become more and more independent, any unnecessary help being a hindrance in his development
  • techniques for building and maintaining the materials from the environment
  • techniques of vocabulary enrichment

Director of training

Tiina Suominen

Tiina Suominen is from Finland. In 2018 she became an AMI Montessori Auxiliar Trainer in Assistant to Infancy level (A to I). In order to complete her training of trainers program, she worked in Vancouver, Canada, under the direction of Maria Teresa Vidales. She is trained both in 0-3 and 3-6 levels Montessori guide.

Tiina has her own Montessori School in Helsinki, capital of Finland. She has been working in Infant Communities and 3-6-classes more than 20 years, being the Classroom director and school Administrator. Tiina has also the traditional Finnish early childhood educator degree and she is also a coach and a fasilitator.


60 hours of lectures and practical work. Observation is done in classrooms led by AMI 0-3 teachers. Specific instruction how to observe will be given during the course.

Obligatory readings

The Secret of Childhood, The Absorbent Mind, The Child in the Family – we have them available in English and Bulgarian languages, and Education for a New World.

The course content

  • Introduction to Montessori Theory and Practice
  • Observation
  • The development of Movement
  • The Development of Language
  • The Preparation of the adult
  • The Infant Community
  • The Home environment
  • Practical Advices
  • Material making

Requirements for certification

  • Submission of three papers (500 words) on topics set by the Trainer
  • Submission of observation report
  • Submission of handmade materials
  • Minimum of 90% attendance

Are you interested?

If you wish to enroll in the course or have any other questions, please contact us.

For registration and contact

Association Institute Montessori Bulgaria,, tel: +359 878 832 823

The training is conducted in English with simultaneous translation in Bulgarian.

The course is organized by Association Montessori Internationalе with the assistance of the Montessori Institute of Bulgaria.

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