The developing brain – Brainstorm tour: Spring 2018

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At the invitation of the Institute Montessori Bulgaria, on April 5 we will welcome to Sofia Dr. Laura Flores Shaw – editor, writer and founder of White Paper Press, and Dr. Steve Hughes LP, ABPdN – Chairman of the American Board of Pediatric Neuropsychology with headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota and London.

During this fun and mainly visual workshop they will tell us why Montessori education provides a rich environment that supports the formation of academic and social skills, as well as problem solving skills that are now, more than ever, important to a lifelong success.

Dr. Shaw has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Psychology and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, where she specializes in the study of the relationship between consciousness, brain functions and teaching.

The research interests of Dr. Steve Hughes are focused on the development of the executive function and social intelligence, and the role that early childhood education can play in promoting the formation of these basic abilities.

Brainstorm tour: Sofia is part of the European tour of the two lecturers, who will come to our country after their visits to Paris and Bucharest.


Laura Flores Shaw / Montessori For All Types of Brains

As neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert states, ³We have a brain for one reason, and one reason only: to produce adaptable and complex movements.² This means we weren¹t born to think ­ we were born to move. Conventional education has yet to look at the brain in this way, but Maria Montessori understood the importance of movement over 100 years ago. This talk will enhance Montessori educators¹ understanding of movement and how it leads to higher cognition, thus providing an environment that works for all types of brains.

Dr. Laura Flores Shaw is the lead editor, writer, and founder of White Paper Press, a think tank specializing in translating scientific research into terms that allows people to make informed decisions about their lives. She holds bachelors and master degrees in psychology and a doctorate in education with a specialization in mind, brain, and teaching from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Shaw previously worked as a family systems therapist in the public school system where she realized her desire to work on the prevention rather than intervention side of mental health. That led her to reviving a failing Montessori school where she became passionate about creating environments that allow children to thrive in every way. In 2014, she retired from school administration to focus on research that informs Montessori practice and to advocate at a broader level for frameworks that can improve the lives of children and their families. She currently writes, speaks, and consults internationally on education, brain development, and parenting.


Steven Hughes / School 2.0: The Neurological Case for Montessori Education

In this highly visual and entertaining talk, you will learn why Montessori education provides an enriched environment supporting formation of the academic, social, and problem-solving skills that now, more than ever, are critical for lifetime success. Over a hundred years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori anticipated most of what we know about the conditions necessary for optimal human brain development, and began producing remarkable results among children from all backgrounds. This lecture gives the brain development reasons that the hands-on, activity-oriented, problem-solving, and collaborative learning communities found in Montessori schools are producing collaborative, adaptive, leaders ready for the unique challenges of the 21st century.

Steven Hughes, PhD, ABPdN is a pediatric neuropsychologist based in St. Paul, Minnesota and London. His research interests include the development of executive functioning and social intelligence, and the role that early childhood education can play in promoting the formation of these essential capabilities. Dr. Hughes is chair of the Association Montessori Internationale Global Research Committee and a frequent speaker and consultant to Montessori education organizations around the world.


Watch a short movie from the event by clicking here.

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