AMI Seminar: The Child between 0 and 3

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At the end of 2017, we were happy to welcome to Sofia Patricia Wallner – an inspiring lecturer and AMI Montessori trainer of guides for children between the ages of 0 and 3 – from whom we were happy to gain knowledge and skills in working with children and in communicating as parents. The seminar raised great interest, the hall was full of people, and Patricia gave everyone the chance to ask questions and responded to all personal inquiries and contacts. We are happy to announce that after this visit, this was the first of many other visits of Patricia in Bulgaria. Expect more about that soon.

Meanwhile, you can find more photos from the event here:

Participant’s opinions:

Irina Kalaydzhieva, mother of 3-month-old child

The reason for us to choose this method was my husband’s sister who lives in the US and has three children raised by the Montessori principles. We really liked how the kids develop as personalities, their freedom of thinking and creativity – this is how my husband and I took a fancy to the Montessori philosophy.

The seminar with Patricia gives us a glimpse of how to get on the right path from this early age and be consistent in our actions.

Parenthood is… a miracle.

Peya Madankova, teacher 0-3

I have not heard of a seminar in Bulgaria that was designed for the ages 0-3, so I was impressed when I found out there is an opportunity to meet a professional who has devoted himself to showing the importance of this age group. As Patricia herself said, there were things we already knew, but this new point of view and the fact that together all things complete one big puzzle really give us knowledge and completely different approach, which we can put into practice in our work.

The work with children is… dedication and love.

Valentina Mihaylova, founder of Montessori preschool

From the very beginning of Montessori journey, you may not be a teacher by profession, but a teacher by soul – to have enlightenment and inspiration. Seminar like this is an important for both teachers and parents, so they can feel the essence and see how things happen in practice – in this case, we gave examples that were easier to remember. Just like kids, adults learn something faster by doing it.

The work with children is… inspiration.

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