First AMI Certificate Assistants Course Starts with Patricia Wallner in Sofia

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Patricia Wallner is in Sofia to lead the AMI Certificate Assistants Course 0-3, organised by Institute Montessori Bulgaria. This training is designed to help anyone wishing to be an assistant in the Montessori community for young children or so-called nurseries.

Patricia Wallner is known as an extraordinary trainer. She has started her activity in Montessori pedagogy in 1970. She graduated the AMI 3-6 Training Course in Washington D.C. As she moved to the Netherlands, she started working with Mario Montessori at the AMI Association Montessori Internationale Headquarters, founded by Maria Montessori back in 1929. Between 1985 and 1986, Patricia has attended the AMI 0-3 Training Course in Houston, Texas, under the supervision of Dr. Silvana Montanaro. Then, for 17 years she worked in a bilingual community for children up to 3 years old in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she currently lives. In 1995 she started her training of trainers with Dr. Montanaro, in order to become an AMI 0-3 Trainer. At the same time, she also graduated a Master Degree in Educational Sciences. Patricia has taught students in Rome (Italy), London (UK), Golden Coast (Australia), Yokohama (Japan), Varberg (Sweden), Zurich (Switzerland), St. Petersburg (Russia), and the United States of America in San Diego, California and Portland, Oregon. She lectured in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United States of America.

A main objective of the Institute Montessori Bulgaria is to support the qualifications of pedagogues working with children from a young age so that they can apply the Montessori philosophy in their environments. Over the years, the Institute has regularly organised events, inviting speakers who are some of the world-recognised Montessori experts.

The 1st AMI Assistants Course 0-3 in Sofia will be held from 25th of June to 6th of July 2018. The course is conducted in English with a translation into Bulgarian.

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