Montessori Workshop 0-3 in Sofia

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Teachers and educators, representatives of private and public primary schools, and parents participated in the conducted Montessori Workshop 0-3 on 16-18 June in Sofia. The participants had an opportunity to develop an extensive understanding about the needs of the child’s development, to have supervised practice in the prepared environment, to practice introducing language exercises, and to get knowledge on materials making and observation.

The workshop is led by Vanessa Fichtl, AMI Assistant of infancy teacher 0-3 and founder of AMI certified teachers training center Montessori Institute Dortmund.

Vanessa Fichtl is a mother of two daughters, works, and lives in Dortmund, Germany. While trying to find childcare for her eldest daughter she was introduced to the Montessori Educational System and found her own beliefs mirrored many of those found within the pedagogical method.

She started to work in Montessori schools in 2007 and holds an AMI Assistants to Infancy Diploma from The Montessori Institute Denver since 2009. She regularly attends conferences, workshops and trainings over the Montessori Pedagogy, including Paediatrics and Neurological Research on a regular basis.

In 2013, Vanessa opened her own Montessori Children’s House in Dortmund. Her wish to actively promote the Montessori Pedagogy for children under three years of age while making it more accessible in Germany helped her along the path to founding the AMI Certified Montessori Training Centre – Montessori Institute Dortmund.

Read the interview of Vanessa Fichtl for Dnevnik Daily by clicking here.

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