150 teachers and parents participated in educational conference ‘Child development in the social environment’

September 17 was a day full with ideas, discoveries, networking and valuable insights. Institute Montessori Bulgaria welcomed over 150 teachers from schools and kindergartens throughout Bulgaria and more than 100 psychologists, parents, experts at Sofia Event Center. We are honored with a lot of positive feedback about the quality of lecturers and topics, and the overall organisation. Special regards to all participants!

Watch a short movie from the event here.

What Participants Say:

I rarely use so many superlatives, especially for events, but today’s conference was a real experience. Usually I can’t be forced to sit for 9-10 hours in one place, but I did not feel the time. Orderly organization, great selection of lecturers, focused audience and precise topics. Complete room with people (parents, teachers) for whom children are personalities – equal interlocutors, friends, associates, team, individuals. I can still say a lot, but I will not be able to share everything that impressed me.
Maria Ilieva, Parentland

Thank you for the great event. For me this was one of the most important events I have ever been to, and I’m just a parent who wants the best for my child. I liked the themes and I managed to get something from everyone. The lecturers were extraordinary and had a complete story, and the organization was great, though we were not very disciplined, as always, unfortunately.” H. Nedyalkova, parent

In connection with the conference, I would like to thank you cordially for the perfect organization and the incredible lecturers who have impressed me with their honesty, naturalness and professionalism on the important and up-to-date topics discussed.The pleasure was entirely mine, and I am delighted to have been part of this conference that proved style, class, professionalism and innovation for which I thank you again.” Radka Gurkova, director of kindergarten

See more about the atmosphere where, together with teachers and parents, we have shown ourselves as a real collaborative community – click here.

The emphasis of Montessori education between the age 0-3

One of the most inspiring lectures of the event was the one of Judith Orean, Director of Training at AMI. During the conference Judith talks with editor of “The Child Plays”, read the full interview here.

A good Montessori teacher is going through a good training for a Montessori teacher. A good training is what transforms the trainee to begin to see the child in a radically different way. The child is no longer a small being who needs to be taught. The new teacher adopts the child as a unique person with unlimited potential, as a person who has an incite to learn interacting with the environment. “

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