The graduates of the first AMI Assistants Course 3-6 in Bulgaria got their certificates

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Days full of new knowledge, expanding your comfort zone, challenging work, inspiring lecturer, intrinsic motivation and making new friends. At the end, the smiles and horizons are wide. Thanks to Nadia Stolbova, AMI Trainer 3-6, and to all the wonderful students who have embarked on a fabulous transformation and training for the benefit of the children!

From September 30 to October 11, the lecture and practice rooms at Montessori Institute Bulgaria were buzzing in the working atmosphere of Bulgaria’s first world-recognised AMI Assistants Course 3-6. Nadia Stolbova, who has many years of experience in Germany, Russia and Denmark, led the course and gave highly valuable knowledge and insights. This course was aiming to help the participants to master and develop their knowledge of maintaining harmony in the classroom, observing when and how to intervene and how not to create obstacles, how to allow children to become more independent, how to promote Freedom and Discipline, and support the child’s natural development.

The main purpose of Montessori Institute Bulgaria is to help adults develop their understanding of the child and to master the knowledge and skills to support the natural child development. Our work brings together the efforts of parents, educators and experts for a better childhood in the family, kindergarten, school and society.

To fulfil our goal, we are guided by Montessori principles and practice, following the training and guidance of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

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