Successful completion of the 2nd AMI certificate course 0-3 in Bulgaria

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We are grateful for the dedication, energy and knowledge of Tiina Suominen, and we wish all the graduates a success and satisfaction in communicating with the little ones.

Between September 23 and October 25, Montessori Institute Bulgaria held in Sofia the second world-recognised AMI certification course for Montessori assistants 0-3. Tiina Suominen led this training designed to help anyone who wishes to be an assistant in the Montessori Children’s Community for young children or so-called nurseries.

The main purpose of Montessori Institute Bulgaria is to help adults develop their understanding of the child and to master the knowledge and skills to support the natural child development. Our work brings together the efforts of parents, educators and experts for a better childhood in the family, kindergarten, school and society.

To fulfil our goal, we are guided by Montessori principles and practice, following the training and guidance of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

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