AMI Course: Montessori Sport – Hybrid Course


19 April - 4 July 2024


English and Bulgarian


400€ or 783 BGN

Movement is an essential factor in intellectual growth.
Dr. Maria Montessori, The Secret of Childhood, p. 201

Learn how to integrate sports into your Montessori environment

Why Montessori and Sports?

More than 6 billion people in the world are interested in sports. It is universal in its appeal to children.

Furthermore, lack of movement is one of the biggest threats to health in modern societies. Technological developments contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity is a serious threat to mental health and quality of life.

Therefore, sports must be part of Montessori education.

Sport enhances children’s physical, emotional and spiritual development, provided that it is designed and maintained using Montessori principles.

Introduction to the course

This hybrid course will help you acquire the basic knowledge on how to integrate sports into Montessori environments across all planes of development.

The course contains:

  • 57 videos
  • 5 questionnaires
  • 3 observation assignments
  • 6 self-practice assignments
  • 2 online Q&A’s
  • 1 final assignment
  • 1 group Viva Voce (on location or online)


You have 3 months to finish this hybrid course. During these 3 months there will be 2 online Q&A’s (week 1 and week 7). After the course has finished, a group Viva Voce will take place on location or online.


The total workload of this course is 40 hours. The course is pre-recorded, so you can do this course at your own pace and in your own time within 3 months.

After you’ve completed this course you:

  • Understand the connection between sports and Montessori education across all planes of development.
  • Understand how sports will contribute to overall child development across all planes of development.
  • Have acquired basic sports skills to present to the children.
  • Are able to prepare Montessori sports environments.
  • Are able to guide Montessori sports sessions.
  • Are able to conduct observations on children during the sports sessions.


19 April – 4 July 2024, with your own pace
Workshop Montessori Sports during Inspirational Weekend from 19-20-21 April in Bulgaria, Sofia
Kick-off online Thursday April 25th at 6.30pm EET (local time Sofia)
Q&A online Thursday May 30th at 6.30pm EET (local time Sofia)
Viva voce Thursday July 4th in Bulgaria, Sofia

Who is this course for?

The course is suitable for:

  • Preschool and elementary teachers,
  • Sports coaches and PE teachers,
  • Assistant teachers,
  • Parents (and other family members)
  • Professionals working with children (teachers, babysitters, speech therapists, social workers)
  • Anyone interested in Montessori (all adults interested in child development or considering a Montessori career)

Course Content


I. Welcome to the course

II. A message from Lynne Lawrence (CEO of AMI)

III. Outline and objectives

IV. About Ruben Jongkind

V. About Patrick Oudejans

VI. About Heidi Philippart

Montessori and Sports

I. Who was Maria Montessori?

II. The Montessori educational philosophy

III. Montessori versus traditional education

IV. The history of sports

V. About movement and sports

VI. Analysis of sports in Montessori

The importance of sports in contemporary society

I. Sports as a point of interest

II. Benefits of sports

III. Why do sports in Montessori?

Systems of sports education

I. Traditional sports education

II. Montessori sports education

Movement development

I. The approach to movement

i. First plane (0-6)

ii. Second plane (6-12)

iii. Third plane (12-18)

iv. Fourth plane (18-24)

II. The four planes and sports

III. The Montessori Sports Curriculum

Preparing the sports environment

I. Principles of the prepared sports environment

II. Prepared sports materials

The Role of the adult in the sports environment

I. The prepared adult

II. Observation

III. Historical facts of observation

IV. Observation in sports

V. Lesson planning

Examples of different learning environments in sports

Conclusion and evaluation


Montessori Sports Team

Ruben Jongkind, Patrick Oudejans and Jip Bartels

Ruben Jongkind is passionate about movement and sports and has coached world-class athletes in various disciplines before becoming the Head of Talent Development at Ajax Amsterdam’s academy. There, he introduced Montessori principles alongside Johan Cruyff, enhancing the training of top players. After his tenure at Ajax, he worked with Cruyff Football to promote Cruyff’s football legacy globally, and in 2018, he founded Montessori Sports, aiming to improve education through sports, with programs now running on five continents. Ruben holds a master’s degree in environmental science and business administration and earned an AMI Montessori 3-6 diploma in 2020.

Patrick Oudejans, who grew up in a family involved in grassroots football and community work, began his sports coaching career in 2005, working with children aged 6-12. He graduated in 2014 with an Honors BSc in Sports, Management, and Business, completing his thesis at the AFC Ajax youth academy. In 2013, while still a student, Patrick joined Ajax as a Data Analyst, helping to implement Plan Cruyff’s player-centered approach and exploring football environments internationally. He co-founded Montessori Sports with Ruben in 2018, aiming to integrate sports into Montessori education, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, he developed an AMI accredited online course to integrate sports into daily activities with children.

Jip is a former professional football player at AFC Ajax. He was Student of the Year at the VU University Amsterdam (2015) and holds a MSc Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam (2017). He joined Ruben and Patrick from the start and obtained his 6-12 Orientation Course certificate from Melbourne in 2018 followed by an Administration course in 2023. He has worked together with many schools providing support with the implementation of sports within their Montessori environment. Jip believes that sports and Montessori is the best combination for young children.


Формат на курса

Hybrid Course
start the course in Sofia for 3 months at each participant’s own pace with video presentations, lectures, tutorials, observation and self-practice tasks, and questionnaires.

Live sessions on Zoom

two sessions in Zoom.

Online platform
is used for all communication assignment submissions. It is very user-friendly and helps us stay structured.

Technical support
is available before, during and after the course.


To obtain the Montessori Sports Fundamentals certificate, all assignments will be checked and approved* by the Montessori Sports team. After the final assignments are approved, the participant will receive the certificate by email.

*If the assignments are not approved, the participant needs to complete an alternative assignment that we will send by email.


Montessori Sport is a strategic partner of AMI

Founded in 1929 by the pioneering scientist and educator, Maria Montessori, AMI is the globally recognised authority on Montessori education and research, applying authentic Montessori principles in education and humanitarian work.

After years of cooperation and successful pilots Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and Montessori Sports decided to establish a strategic partnership to embed sports into Montessori education and to establish a Montessori Sports Fund (MSF) to bring Montessori education to sports-loving under-resourced communities.

Individual members and subscribed organisations of Montessori Society Bulgaria receive a 5% discount on the fee for participating in the course. Find out more about MSB Membership and Subscription opportunities.

For registration and contact:

If you want to register for the upcoming AMI course or have any other questions, please contact us!


Phone: +359 878 832 823

phone: +359 878 832 823

The course will be conducted in English and Bulgarian language.

The course is run by Association Montessori Internationalе (AMI) and is co-hosted by Montessori Institute Prague and Montessori Society Bulgaria.

Online registration

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