AMI 0-3 Diploma Course


15 March – 11 April, 18 October – 14 November 2021, 14 February – 13 March, 17 October – 13 November 2022


8 500€ or 16 625 BGN

Director of training

Heidi Philippart

Heidi Philippart M.A.(Edu), A.M.I.(Dip), lives and works in Amsterdam. She was first introduced to Montessori in the late 80’s early 90’s, while working under the guidance of Patty Wallner (AMI Assistant to Infancy trainer) and Silvana Montanaro (founder of the AMI Assistant to Infancy programme). Heidi trained in Denver with Judi Orion on the Assistant to Infancy level, has worked extensively with the 0-3 programme and is an AMI trainer on the Assistant to Infancy level. In 1996 she opened her first Montessori school and now runs two small Montessori Bilingual Preschools in the centre of Amsterdam, working with between 80 – 90 families every year. Her speciality is helping parents in the application of Montessori principles and bilingualism in the home environment. Heidi has spoken extensively around the Netherlands and internationally (France, USA, Australia, Britain) on Montessori related topics such as toilet independence, preparation of the home environment and the general area of birth to three. Heidi is presently working on the AMI Diploma – Assistant to Infancy in London.

Benefits of the course

  • Receive International Certificate by Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) recognized all over the world.
  • Learn from a very experienced AMI Training Directress Heidi Philippart.
  • Study International AMI Assistants Course from the comfort of your home.

Who is this course for?

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • School leaders and administrators
  • All adults interested in child development

Goal of the course

The course offers in-depth study of Montessori pedagogy and current medical and psychological approaches to child development from birth to three years.

Course Duration


  • 400 hours of classroom based training including lectures and supervised practice.


  • A minimum of 250 hours of observations of children from birth to three years.

COVID-19 Restrictions

  • Specific instructions on how to observe will be given during the Course, taking into account the restrictions which may be imposed by Covid-19.

Course Calendar

Module 1: 15 March – 11 April 2021г. (ONLINE)

Module 2: 18 October – 14 November 2021г.

Module 3: 14 February – 13 March 2022г.

Module 4: 17 October – 13 November 2022

Online Format

  • There will be live lectures given by trainers on “Zoom” platform.
  • Course work and course communication will be done on platform “Schoology”.
  • The course requires general ability to use computers and the internet and willingness to learn to use Zoom and Schoology platforms.
  • Students will receive technical support during the period of time when the course is given.

Course Language

  • English.
  • With interpretation of the spoken word to Bulgarian, if there are 10 participants from Bulgaria.
  • All course work, including written assignments, can be done in English or , Bulgarian.
  • Students need to have an adequate level of spoken and written English or Bulgarian to take the course.

Requirements for Certification

Minimum of 90% attendance on the course.
A minimum of 140 hours of guided practice with Montessori materials.
Completion of original reference albums and other course work to the required standard.
Completion of Observation and Teaching Practice in Montessori settings as required by AMI.
Successful completion of written and oral exams.

За записване и контакт:

If you would like to register in the upcoming AMI AC 0-3 or have any other questions, please contact us!

Online registration form: click here


Tel: +359 878 832 823

The course will be conducted in English with simultaneous translation in Bulgarian language.

The course is run by (Association Montessori Internationalе) and is co-hosted by  Montessori Institute Prague and Montessori Society Bulgaria.

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