AMI Montessori workshop 3-6 was held in Sofia

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Institute Montessori Bulgaria hosted AMI Montessori workshop 3-6 led by frau Maria Roth that took place on 16-18 January in Sofia. The workshop is attended by teachers and principals from municipal and private kindergartens, parents and representatives from the Ministry of Education.


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The seminar was very inspiring for all participants, who expanded their knowledge of Montessori principles and practices. In the three active days each participant was able to take part in many practical activities. Frau Roth has presented all minute details of every material from different areas of learning, such as Practical life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics and also explained how those activities support child development.

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You can watch an interview with Mary Roth for bTV/Before Noon on the following link:


Svetlana Ivanova, a teacher at Public kindergarten 17 “Winnie The Pooh”, who got a scholarship from Institute Montessori Bulgaria for participating at AMI Montessori Workshop 3-6, took an active part at the event.

Watch a short movie from the event here.

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