The First AMI 12-14 Certification Course in Bulgarian ONLINE format


10-12; 17-19; 28-30 May 2021


800€ or 1 565BGN

Course Director

Jenny Marie Höglund

Jenny Marie Höglund is an AMI trainer for 6-12. She is AMI 3- 6 and 6-12 trained. In 1995 Jenny she founded a Montessori school in Swedish Sätile  Montessoriskolan Lära för livet, for children 1 – 16 years old.

Jenny has been a Montessori guide for more than 24 years. Her school and farm is the only location in Europe where you can train in the AMI Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies.


  • Receive International Certificate by Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) recognized all over the world.
  • Learn from a very experienced AMI Training Directress Jenny Marie Höglund.
  • Study International AMI Montessori 12-18 Orientation with colleagues from all over the world.



  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • School leaders and administrators
  • All adults interested in child development


  • Become an able supporter of adolescents in a Montessori Adolescent Community.
  • Learn the developmental needs of adolescent students and how to best support them.
  • Gain an in depth knowledge of Montessori philosophy for the 3rd plane of development.
  • Acquire the ability to support the development of the adolescent by working side by side with the adolescents and the whole team of the program.


  • 60 hours of live online sessions and additional independent study.
Independent study
  • Approximately 10 hours of independent study.
  • 9 additional hours of obligatory observations.
COVID-19 Restrictions

Specific instructions on how to observe will be given during the course, taking into account the restrictions which may be imposed by Covid 19.


MODULE 1 – May 10-12, 2021; 10am – 6pm
MODULE 2 – May 17-19, 2021; 10am – 6pm
MODULE 3 – May 28-30, 2021; 10am – 6pm

Bulgarian time

Outside of this course schedule, students will undertake 9 hours of Observation. Specific instructions on how to conduct Observation will be given during the Course.


  • There will be live lectures given by trainers on “Zoom” platform.
  • Course work and course communication will be done on platform “Schoology”.
  • The course requires general ability to use computers and the internet and willingness to learn to use Zoom and Schoology platforms.
  • Students will receive technical support during the period of time when the course is given.


  • English.
  • With interpretation of the spoken word to Czech and Hebrew.
  • All course work, including written assignments, can be done in English, Czech, Slovak and Hebrew.
  • Students need to have an adequate level of spoken and written English, Czech, Slovak or Hebrew to take the course.


  • Lectures, discussions and seminars are offered to introduce:
  • Dr. Montessori’s theory of Human Development
  • Characteristics and needs of the Third Plane of Development
  • Transition from and building on the first two Planes of Development
  • A Centre for Study and Work, the Prepared Environment for the Third
  • Plane (physical, social organisation, residential life)
  • Preparation and role of the adults
  • Social and Economic Independence and the pivotal role of Production and Exchange
  • Work as a Human Right and privilege
  • Dr. Montessori’s Educational Syllabus
  • Plans of Study and Work
  • Three Period Learning Cycle
  • Contribution of the Third Plane: To what end?
  • Introduction to the technique of Seminar
  • Introduction to the method of Observation
  • Working with adolescents, colleagues, administrators, parents


  • Appendixes A, B and C from Childhood to Adolescence, The Social Newborn (AMI Communications) and The Oxford Lectures.
  • Obligatory reading texts are available in English language. Some are available also in Czech. Some reading texts will be made available to students during the course.


9 hours of observation.
Reports and Notes
Submission of observation notes and observation report.
Additional work
Submission of any other course work assigned by the Trainer.
Minimum of 90% attendance.
Overall satisfactory participation in the course
As evaluated by the Course Director.
You have 12 weeks to submit all the assignments.
If students do not finish their requirements for certification on time before the course finishes, they have 12 weeks to submit their missing work.

If you would like to register in the upcoming AMI AC 6-12 or have any other questions, please contact us!

Contact us


Telephone: +359 878 832 823

The course will be conducted in English with simultaneous translation in Bulgarian language.

The course is run by Association Montessori Internationale and is co-hosted by Montessori Society Bulgaria and Montessori Institute Prague.

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