AMI Montessori Workshop: Child development 0-3

Otkrivatel Montessori School 14 Paprat Str., Sofia

Заповядайте на поредица от практически сесии, посветени на развитието на детето на възраст между 0 и 3 години, предназначени за учители и родители.


Education conference: Child Development in the Social Environment

Sofia Event Center 100 Cherni Vrah Blvd., Sofia

Institute Montessori Bulgaria initiates and organises a one-day Education Conference: Child Development in the Social Environment, which aims at a public discussion focusing on the future of the education, the social aspects of child development and ways to promote so-called “soft skills”. We need to consider education as a preparation for life. It is related...

The Child between 0 and 3: Introductory seminar in Montessori Education

Otkrivatel Montessori School 14 Paprat Str., Sofia

Възползвайте се от изключителната привилегия да бъдете на семинар, посветен на развитието на детето на възраст между 0 и 3 години, воден от Патриша Уолнър. Семинарът е предназначен за Монтесори учители 3-6, учители в детски ясли и градини, директори и администратори, родители.


Brainstorming Tour – Europe

Hilton бул. „България“ 1, 1421 ж.к. Лозенец, София

At the invitation of the Institute Montessori Bulgaria, on April 5 we will welcome to Sofia Dr. Laura Flores Shaw – editor, writer and founder of White Paper Press, and Dr. Steve Hughes LP, ABPdN – Chairman of the American Board of Pediatric Neuropsychology with headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota and London. During this fun...

AMI Montessori Workshop 3-6

Институт Монтесори България ул. Папрат 14, София

Institute Montessori Bulgaria is pleased to announce a workshop which represents a short refresher course for teachers and an introduction for parents interested in understanding more about how the Montessori principles can nurture children’s development.
Take the exclusive privilege of participating at a seminar dedicated to the development of the child between 3 and 6 years of age, led by the inspiring AMI trainer Elina Rautasalo.

AMI Seminar: Montessori Elementary Education 6-12

Otkrivatel Montessori School 14 Paprat Str., Sofia

You want to develop your professional teaching skills for Grades 1 - 7? Want to master innovative approaches to develop knowledge among young students? Want to know how to encourage children's curiosity and love of learning?
Participate in "AMI Seminar: Montessori elementary education 6-12" and get practical guidances on classroom activities and build up your teaching approach based on Montessori methodology.

Premiere of Montessori movie “Guide is the child”

Културен център G8 улица Уилиям Гладстон 8, София

The premiere for presenting of Montessori documentary movie - LE MAÎTRE EST L'ENFANT, with the Bulgarian title “Guide is the child", created by the French director Alexandre Mourot, will take place on 5th of June at 6:30pm at the Lumiere Cinema.

How to support the child in the first year of life

Montessori Society Bulgaria 14 Paprat Str., Sofia

Do you expect the birth of your child? Do you have a young child? Do you work with young children in a hospital or a nursery? If the answer of any of these questions is 'yes', take the opportunity to be part of an upcoming seminar on child development in the first year of life.


From Casa to Elementary

Montessori Society Bulgaria 14 Paprat Str., Sofia

What are the characteristics of the child who is entering the second plane of development? How can we help him explore his world joyfully and find his unique place in it? How can children have a happy and confident start in school? The preparation for the school years is the focus of the upcoming three-day seminar on March 20-22.


Webinar: Support during social distance


In support of teachers and school principals, Montessori Society Bulgaria organises a free webinar on “How to support children and families during social distance?” The online sessions will provide guidance and recommended actions for dealing with a crisis – interaction, empowerment, support for families and the community. How to support families in the learning from home...