Institute Montessori Bulgaria, in collaboration with Montessori professionals in Bulgaria and international experts, has established cross-organisational work streams:

State Institutions Relationships WS:

  • representing the interests of the Montessori sector at both the local and national levels,
  • strengthening strong alignment with government and other state institutions,
  • aligning the Montessori curriculum and state standards,
  • developing national Montessori curriculum,
  • establishing quality assurance standards.

International Organisations Alliances WS:

  • establishment of prepared environment and early years setting according AMI standards,
  • providing supervision and guidance on professional development
  • supporting scholarship programs for teachers to attend AMI seminars and workshops,
  • recommending for enrolment at AMI teachers’ trainings with information and % funding,
  • volunteering and co-organising international events in Bulgaria.

Collaborative Community Development WS: 

  • supporting educational centres,
  • consulting private and public nurseries and schools,
  • further development of Montessori map in BG,
  • organising teachers and parents seminars,
  • fund-rising scholarship programs for teachers.

If you need support on those directions, please contact us: We are here for you, happy to answer any questions you might have.