Institute Montessori Bulgaria is a non-governmental, non-profit, self-financing organisation that supports professional development and provides tailored services to schools, teachers and parents.

Our organisation is invited to assist local and national education providers, non-for-profit organisations and government authorities in addressing social and educational problem situations and adoption of Montessori pedagogy.

To support the adoption of Montessori pedagogy and practices, we have a team that involves AMI Montessori teachers in Bulgaria and international AMI Montessori trainers.

Also, we work with a wide team of international Montessori experts who supervise the introduction of Montessori education on a national level so as to ensure that municipal nurseries and pre-schools are supported throughout the process of training through preparing the environment and classroom management, planning individually and working with parents.

As more local and national organisations seek out the Montessori education, we are motivated to keep searching for additional resources to enable us to reach more children.

Institute Montessori Bulgaria actively supports efforts to strengthen the understanding and knowledge of Montessori education by participating in the largest forum aimed to assist families – “Parents Academy”.

If your organisation would like to become our partner to organise educational event or initiative, please e-mail us at: