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Montessori Movement

Montessori pedagogical principles are rooted in a social movement that champions the cause of all children, in all strata of society, of all races and ethnic backgrounds, within and beyond educational institutions. The Montessori movement began on 6 January 1907 when Maria Montessori opened the first Casa dei Bambini in San Lorenzo in Rome. What

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Maria Montessori

“Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities.” Maria Montessori Dr Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952), physician, anthropologist and pedagogue, studied children of all racial, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds for over fifty years. Her intense scientific observation of the human being from

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Montessori Education

Each human being has a natural need to grow and advance. Montessori is a holistic scientific educational system fulfilling this need. It is founded on the belief that within the human being there is an enormous untapped potential that needs a fertile environment and a different educational approach from the educator in order to be

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