Association Institute Montessori Bulgaria (AIM Bulgaria) is the national organisation supporting the diverse Montessori movement in Bulgaria. Institute Montessori Bulgaria is a non-governmental, non-profit, self-financing organisation that supports professional development and provides tailored services to schools, teachers and parents.

We provide tailored designed Subscription Service which is available for education organisations – nurseries and preschools, educational centres, play groups, schools, libraries, institutions and foundations.

Also, Institute Montessori Bulgaria has established cross-organisational work streams for supporting Montessori schools and professionals in following Areas for assistance:

  • State Institutions Relationships
  • International Organisations Alliances
  • Collaborative Community Development

Our Consulting services offer supportive advice using a mentoring model to encourage best practice and adoption and maintenance of the Montessori programme according the standards of AMI (Association Montessori Internationale).

These services include:

  • Start-ups & Management
  • Adoption of Montessori pedagogy
  • Parent Education
  • Programme Consulting

Please check our Consultancy, Subscriptions and Support services for more information.

E-mail us at for consulting services enquiries.