The events program of Institute Montessori Bulgaria is designed to meet the needs of all teachers and parents. We offer seminars, workshops and conferences for teachers, Montessori educators, carers and parents, as well as Montessori school management.

Our events programme reflects the feedback and suggestions we receive from our community and incorporates an impressive range of topics and presenters.

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Montessori Education in 21st Century

This seminar offers a profound insight into infancy 0-3 and early childhood 3-6, and understanding of development of child’s personality by teachers and parents. The programme is a unique and gives opportunity for all teachers and parents, together with an international group of teachers, то gain substantial insights into Montessori principles, the development of young children, the attitude of the Montessori teacher and adult and the most recent research in the field.

Educational Conference 2017: Child Development in the Social Environment

September 17 was a day full with ideas, discoveries, networking and valuable insights. Institute Montessori Bulgaria welcomed over 150 teachers from schools and kindergartens throughout Bulgaria and more than 100 psychologists, parents, experts at Sofia Event Center. We are honored with a lot of positive feedback about the quality of lecturers and topics, and the overall organisation.


Montessori Nido and Infants Communities 0-3

Practical workshop sessions for 0-3 teachers and parents. Time is allotted to practical work on preparing environment, introducing language, making materials and developing observation skills. No previous Montessori training is required.

Program 1:

Talking about Issues and Expectations, Theory – Sensitive Periods, Human Tendencies, Adaptation, Absorbent Mind, Prepared Environment, Language, Material Making, Observation, Role of the Adult, Practical activities and Feedback

Program 2:

Role of the adult, Movement, Nature, Language

Montessori Education 3-6

A series of practical seminars and workshop sessions for 3-6 teachers and parents. Time is allotted to practical work on Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and how those activities support development of the child, what skills and the way. No previous Montessori training is required.


Montessori Theory, The genius of the child nature development, Practical Life Exercises and the purpose behind, Sensorial Exercises and objectives of work with Sensorial materials, Importance of Language, Introduction of Mathematics


The Child between 0 and 3

The development of personality in the first 3 years of life

Language and movement of the child up to 3 years old

Role of the adult, Role of the father

Prepared environment (home environment)

Freedom, limits and discipline

Developmental crises

Attachment, separation, individualism


Montessori primary years


The needs of the child between 3 and 6

Montessori curriculum – key lessons

Grace and courtesy and the function of Montessori classroom

Montessori for Elementary Years 6-12

Practical seminar for 6-12 teachers and parents. Time is allotted to practical work on participant’s approach and classroom activities to nurture a love for learning. No previous Montessori training is required.


Elementary child, Reasoning mind, Imagination, Story telling, Non-fiction and Poetry, Handwriting

Parent Talks

Institute Montessori Bulgaria facilitates parent talks hosted either in conjunction with a conference or at a host school/centre venue with national or international Montessori speakers.

We are honored to welcome in Bulgaria internationally recognised experts and lecturers like Carola Lång-Howard – MA., BA Hons., Mont. Dial., Drs. Elisabeth C.J. Mattijssen, Drs. Ward van de Vijver, Chris Willemsen, Frau Maria Roth, Judith Orion, Dr. Steve Hughes, Patricia Wallner, Carla Foster.

Institute Montessori Bulgaria offers a range of conferences, seminars, workshops and courses throughout the year and around Bulgaria.